Premium domain names & what you need to know

Inage premium domain names

A new gTLD registry can reserve domain names they consider crowd-pleasers, they can then follow one of two game plans. These reserved names are called premium domain names and this article will explain each approach.


New domain extensions – July

Calendar update image

Hi all,

Take a look at our domain calendar, it shows all the new domain extensions that are available for pre-order. Yes, that is .CHRISTMAS heading the list – you can never start preparing too soon!

We can’t wait to see what quirky domain names you create this month; previous pre-orders have been inventive, random, genius, and just plain weird. Give it your best shot!

Registration is open to trademark holders during the Sunrise period, whilst everyone else can place a pre-order. Some registries don’t accept pre-orders – if this is the case, we’ll let you know.

Get your list of domain names ready, then place your pre-order with us and we’ll do the pre-order dash to register it when General Availability opens. If we can’t secure your domain name we’ll refund you the registration fee in full. We don’t pit our customers against one another so we won’t accept multiple pre-orders for a single domain name.

The dates shown in our calendar are estimates – at this stage, nothing is set in stone and launch dates have been known to change. If this happens we will let you know as soon as possible. Why not check out the full list of domains available for pre-order, it’s increasing everyday.



EuroDNS interview with Raymond King of .INK & .WIKI

Image .INK & .WIKI

Top Level Design is the domain registry behind the new domain extensions .INK.WIKI, both of which are now live and available, and they have filed applications with ICANN for an additional 7 TLDs, including .BLOG, .DESIGN, .STYLE, .ART, .GAY, .GROUP, and .LLC. We caught up with CEO Raymond King, to find out how they got involved in the new gTLD program and what it’s like to launch a new domain name.


EuroDNS awarded “Made in Luxembourg” label

Xavier Buck presented with Made in Luxembourg award

In May this year EuroDNS was thrilled to be awarded the label, “Made in Luxembourg”. This “Passport to Export” broadcasts to the world that we are 100% Luxembourgish and that we meet the Grand Duchy’s high level of excellence.


Luxembourg & EuroDNS celebrate National Day

EuroDNS office closed for National Day

Moien, bonjour, guten Tag, & hello!

We’re half way through the year and things are looking rosy. We now offer over 500 domains and this number will continue to rise. We’re busy with pre-orders for the new domain extensions, with almost 90% successfully registered. Meaning that when you place your pre-order, we race to register it when the domain goes live – so you not only beat the crowds, you also get your perfect domain name.

EuroDNS is a Luxembourg company and Monday 23 of June is National Day, therefore our office will be closed whilst we join the festivities and celebrate our little Grand Duchy.