EXCLUSIVE: DENIC & dotBERLIN go head to head

DENIC & dotBERLIN interview

To celebrate the launch of our brand new German EuroDNS website, we’ve lined up executives from the two main players of the German domain industry, and then put them head to head in an exclusive interview.

In the green corner we have Carsten Schiefner from DENIC, the registry behind .DE, the country code domain name for Germany, and with a huge 15 million registrations it’s the most popular ccTLD. In the red corner we have Dirk Krischenowski from dotBERLIN, the geniuses behind .BERLIN, the feisty challenger and second most registered new domain extension.

These guys are the leaders in their field. We discover why…



German website goes live!

EuroDNS website in German

Fill your stein and grab a frankfurter, for today we celebrate the launching of our website in German!

It’s a big day in the EuroDNS office and after all the hard work we’d like to introduce you to our website in triplicate – English, French and German.

Here’s how it all began…


SWITCH your .CH to EuroDNS

Transfer .CH to EuroDNS

In March 2015, the .CH registry in Switzerland (SWITCH) will end its role as registrar and give its full attention to the operation of the registry. Customers owning .CH domain names will need to find a new registrar. Trying to find a new registrar can be a daunting prospect and we would strongly recommend beginning the process now to avoid the possible chaos of this mass migration. EuroDNS is here to help by offering our advice and services.


EuroDNS launches domain privacy feature

WHOIS domain privacy feature

We’re really excited about our new domain privacy feature, a cloaking device that protects your personal details online.

When you register a domain name you’re asked to provide accurate contact details. Failing to do so or providing false information is deemed non-compliant, and could lead to the deletion of your domain name.

Wow, scary stuff! But do you really want your private data splashed all over the Internet, making you vulnerable to scammers and spammers? We have the perfect solution, take a look.


New domain extensions – September

New domain extensions - September

Surf’s up!!

Here it is, September’s calendar of new domain extensions, and it’s a biggie! They’re teetering on the edge of general availability, but if you’re quick there’s still time to place your pre-orders and jump the queue.

Place your pre-orders with us and we’ll race to register as soon as the relevant domain opens to everyone. We’ve a success rate of over 80%, impressive I know. But if we don’t win your domain name, we’ll refund you the registration fee in full. Oh, and we only accept one pre-order per domain name; squabbling is so ugly.

The registered trademark holders phase speaks for itself, but the rest of you can still place your pre-orders * during this and the Landrush phase.

The dates are estimates and unfortunately, they’ve been known to change. If this happens, we’ll let you know immediately. For the full list of all the new extensions check out domains available for pre-order.