The DO’s & DON’Ts of a winning new domain registration

DO's & DON'Ts of choosing and securing a new domain

The introduction of hundreds of new domain extensions means we can register keyword extensions that are both descriptive and memorable. They can be industry identifiers, professions, skills, social causes, interests, or geographical locations – making your website more visible.

It’s great to have so many, but finding your perfect domain name with so many to choose from can be daunting. So stop! Grab a coffee, sit down, and take a look at our DO’s and DON’Ts of choosing and securing your domain name.


Register a .WEBSITE for only €11

WEBSITE domain only 11 euros

The .WEBSITE new domain extension’s launch was one of the most successful to date. Its opening Sunrise phase, exclusively for trademark holders, took over 600 registrations. Big brands (and I mean big) have recognised the value of this extension and registered .WEBSITE for their suite of products.

If you’re just realising the merits of this new domain extension and would like to register yours, we’re currently offering .WEBSITE at the reduced price of €11, until November 18.

Let’s take a closer look…


New domain extensions – November

New domain extensions roundup

Hi all,

Here’s our calendar showing November’s new domain releases. This month’s offerings are going to benefit a variety of businesses and individuals, there’re also a couple of geographic ones. We’re hearing good things about .RESTAURANT, .MARKET, .ENGINEER, and .GIFTS, so get your pre-orders in quickly.

There are a few that aren’t accepting pre-orders and if your interested in them, they do become available to everyone soon, so not too long to wait.

Take a look at the full list with dates and prices.


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