ICANN 51: EuroDNS précis Los Angeles (part 1)


From October 12 to 16, 2014 the ICANN community held its quarterly meeting in the organisation’s hometown in Los Angeles. EuroDNS delegates were amongst the 2300+ participants who attended this meeting; on their return they summarised the highlights of the event in two posts.


Spanish website goes live!

Spanish website go live


It’s fiesta time at EuroDNS as we introduce you to our new Spanish website. Yes, oui, ja, sí – EuroDNS is now talking to over 900 million people in their native language.

We’re wearing sombreros, dancing the flamenco, and chugging vino de la casa, come join the fun! And if that’s not enough excitement, you can save over 40% when you register a .ES domain name.


More new domain extensions planned!

ICANN announce 2nd round of new TLDs

A couple of weeks back, ICANN (the sage in the Internet spice rack) kicked off discussions concerning a second round of new domain extensions.

A Draft Work Plan has been published if you’d like to see the details but basically ICANN intend opening the second application period in 2018.

My first thought was WOW, more new domains and only half way through the first launch. That’s pretty ambitious!

What’s your reaction?


New domain calendar – October

New domain extensions - October


It’s arrived! The October calendar of new domain releases is ready for public viewing. This month it’s packed with a variety of geographic, generic, and profession-related domains. Something for everyone, I would say. There’s also a light sprinkling of what’s to come at the beginning of November.

Some are very close to becoming available to everyone, but if you’re quick there’s still time to place your pre-orders and beat the rush.


EuroDNS, representing Luxembourg in European Business Awards 2014/15

European Business Awards

Excellent news, we’ve been selected to represent Luxembourg in the European Business Awards 2014/15.

It’s one of Europe’s toughest competitions with a panel of ruthless judges that includes business leaders, academics, and politicians; and ranging from CEOs, professors, CTOs, journalists, university lecturers, VPs, and former prime ministers.

Take a look at the rest of this article and find out more about what winning this award would mean.