London gets its very own domain extension!

LONDON domain extension

Registering a .LONDON domain for your website is a shout-out that London is your stomping ground and that you’re a part of this thriving metropolis.

The Internet is overcrowded and it’s taking longer for users to find exactly what they want; searches for local businesses are frustrating and global searches are seemingly endless.  This new extension waves a big red flag to the world announcing, “Looking for me? Look no further, I’m in London.”

Want to know how to jump the queue and get your name? Read on…


Big oops at Sony, they lost a domain!

Keep domain names safe with auto-renew

A few weeks ago one of the biggest companies in the world lost one of their domain names. Yep, it can happen to the best of us, but how? Did they forget where they put it, an unpaid bill, wrong contact details, or did they assume someone else was dealing with it?

There’s no excuse for this. It’s easy to set your domains to renew automatically and to validate your contact details. Take a look at how to dodge this huge blunder.


Two-step verification available to our customers

Two-step verification (TSV) available to our customers

The safeguarding of your domain names and personal information is crucial, and with this in mind we’ve introduced a new security feature. Two-step verification (TSV) is an additional layer of protection that prevents unauthorised access to your EuroDNS account.

Learn how to protect your account and slam the door in the face of hackers trying to hijack your domain names.


New domain extensions – August

New domain extensions - August

Hi all,

Check out our August calendar showing the latest new domain extensions; listing those available for pre-order now, or on the brink of opening for everyone. You can also take a look at all the other new extensions that are still taking pre-orders, the list is getting bigger and bigger.

Place your pre-order with us and we’ll race to register it when General Availability opens. It’s a win-win situation with our success rate of over 80%; so pre-order now! If we can’t secure your domain name we’ll refund you the registration fee in full. We only accept one pre-order per domain name, to avoid pesky squabbles later on.

Registration is open to trademark holders during the Sunrise period, whilst everyone else can place a pre-order. Some registries don’t take pre-orders but we’ll let you know if that’s the case.

The dates shown below are estimates, as launch dates have been known to change at the last minute. If this happens, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.


.HIV domain – wear your digital Red Ribbon with pride

HIV domain - wear your digital Red Ribbon with pride

It’s the world’s first charitable domain and it’s available to register now.

With a simple redirect, every single one of you that registers a .HIV domain name will show your support for the global fight against HIV and AIDS.

The .HIV domain makes helping easy, take a look below and see how.