5 alternative Halloween celebrations you may not know


The American-style Halloween is becoming increasingly popular the world over, but not every country celebrates with pumpkin carving, costume parties, and trick or treating.

Here’s my top 5 of the international festivals that have kept their identity, beauty and originality.


Scary Films: Top 5 That Traumatised My Childhood

Scary Films

When we were kids, most of us wanted to see which films our parents were loading into the VCR late at night. Sometimes that curiosity was rewarded by “classics” such as Terminator or Die Hard. Other times, it left us mentally scarred. Here’s my top 5 “Scary Films That Traumatised My Childhood” list. I’ll try to keep it spoiler free. This is going to show my age!


Five things that go bump in the night!


Halloween will soon be upon us. There are large, carved, orange vegetables scattered about, dentists are rubbing their hands together at looming sugar damage, and TV schedules are crammed with cheesy horror movies which we haven’t been seen since oooh…. last Halloween.

I’ve personal reasons for enjoying this festival, namely that my wardrobe is suddenly appropriate – orange will never be the new black for me! To get into the spirit of things, here’s my list of five things that go bump in my night…


ICANN 51: EuroDNS précis Los Angeles (part 2)


This post is the second part of a two piece précis summarising the highlights of the ICANN meeting which took place in Los Angeles between October 12 and 16, 2014. The first part is available here.


20% off all new domain extensions – Happy Halloween


Come join our Halloween party, we’re carving pumpkins and slashing prices!

We’ve reduced the price of all our new domain extensions, by a monstrous 20%!