EuroDNS Announces Launch of Domain Marketplace

EuroDNS today announced the deployment of Afternic’s unique “Instant Transfer” technology for domain sales. Effective immediately EuroDNS’ website allows its customers to purchase a secondary market domain name directly from the Domain Listing Service (DLS) of Afternic. The integration also means that domain name owners registered at EuroDNS wishing to sell their domains benefit from direct access to more than 50 million prospective buyers that access Afternic’s DLS each month.

“Through our partnership with Afternic’s DLS and the launch of the new Instant Transfer technology we are delighted to offer our customers immediate and direct access to premium domain names,” said Lutz Berneke, the recently appointed CEO of EuroDNS. “All buyers and sellers will benefit from the new platform, which represents for domain buyers a ‘one-stop-shop’ to the world’s largest domain portfolio, and for domain sellers access to the best global platform for listing their name for sale.

As domain names continue to be the centerpiece of effective online marketing, buyers looking for just the right name for their business are increasingly turning to the secondary domain market—the market for pre-registered domains offered for sale by their owner. Afternic has built the industry’s largest global network for the trading of secondary market domains and EuroDNS is now fully integrated into the purchasing system. Buyers are able to order pre-registered domain names directly from within EuroDNS’ API. All that is required is to add the premium domain names into one’s shopping cart for customers to buy that secondary market domain name instantly. No need to go through any additional administrative measures that other legacy marketplaces require; the whole process is automated so that customers wishing to opt for premium domains can do so smoothly and effectively following the same simple steps needed for the registration of a primary domain name.

“The benefits of this new service are manifold,” said Jason Miner, the General Manager at Afternic. “Not only can domain buyers start tapping into millions of the world’s best domain names and complete the transaction in record time thanks to this “Instant Transfer” technology, but that very functionality makes domains more appealing to retail buyers because the transaction is effortless, and gives the buyer immediate access to and control of the name purchased.”

With branch offices throughout Europe as well as America and Asia, EuroDNS has established accreditation with over 70 registries worldwide offering more than 300 international domain extensions. EuroDNS customers had therefore already countless options to choose from when registering new domains. With the addition of the inventory of millions of secondary market domains from Afternic’s DLS, EuroDNS will be one of the first in Europe to offer this opportunity for domain buyers to easily search and buy a premium domain name. Likewise the implementation of Afternic’s DLS now enables domain owners to be connected to more than 50 million prospective buyers every month. Following a simple registration process, owners of domains registered with EuroDNS have the opportunity to list their domains for sale on Afternic’s DLS. Doing so will allow the names to be displayed on the search results to prospective buyers at EuroDNS but also under every domain registrar connected to the Afternic‘s DLS, including six of the top ten registrars globally. Such wide exposure brings additional value and liquidity to the domain aftermarket while eliminating barriers to sale, increasing returns for domain sellers.

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