EuroDNS and Michau Enterprise Team Up – domain aftermarket on the horizon

EuroDNS S.A., a worldwide leader in domain name registration, announces partnership with Michau Enterprises Limited – a Cyprus company operating, the largest Polish domain aftermarket website.

EuroDNS will participate in Michau Enterprises Ltd. and license the software that is currently being used on This software allows the complete management of a marketplace for the buying and selling of domain names, with many additional services such as: domain dropcatching, parking, registration and tasting.

“Having access to the domain marketplace software will allow us to rapidly offer various domain aftermarket services to our customers”, says Xavier Buck, Chief Executive Officer of EuroDNS. “The software is already being used successfully in Central European markets, and since it supports multiple languages, currencies and domain registries, it is a perfect solution for our needs”.

Michal Pleban from Michau Enterprises Ltd. adds, “partnering with EuroDNS will strengthen our position in the Polish market by bringing foreign investors willing to purchase .PL names. Combining our experience with EuroDNS’s extensive partnerships and worldwide contacts creates a winning environment for all involved parties”.

EuroDNS plans to open several domain aftermarket websites based on the licensed technology, leveraging its long-standing relationships with European domain investors. One of these platforms will be launched under the great and unique domain name:

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