.PT domain restrictions end, May 2012

Great news for the domain name industry and EuroDNS, from May 1, 2012, it will be possible for anyone to register a domain name under a .PT extension.

The announcement, by the FCCN (Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional or Foundation for National Scientific Computation) on February 23, 2012, has created great excitement. Previously scheduled for release in 2008, the imminent liberalization of .PT will allow online businesses to communicate directly with their Portuguese audience. Adopting a .PT domain extension will create a unique and memorable web address, whilst enhancing local presence. With approximately 383,000 .PT domain names registered, this announcement should see an increase in the number of users choosing the .PT extension over the gTLDs.

Important dates to remember

General availability, on May 1, 2012, will allow any person or entity to register a .PT domain name whilst having no affiliation with a brand or company.

From March 1st, 2012, .PT now has only four sub-domains: .COM.PT (unrestricted registration), .EDU.PT, .GOV.PT and .ORG.PT. This date also heralded the end of the following domains:  .NET.PT, .INT.PT, .PUBL.PT, .NOME.PT, but any domain name already registered with these extensions prior to this date, remains active.

Owners of domain names registered with a .COM.PT extension would be wise to register the same name with the .PT extension, as soon as registration is open, to avoid possible cybersquatting in the future.

New features

With the liberalization of .PT come new features, domain names will be able to support the following accented characters: á, to, â, ã, ç, é, ê, í, ó, ô, õ, ú; and domain names will be able to contain from three to 63 characters.

.PT will be the first extension incorporating a tool that will search for domain names and brands. The tool was developed in collaboration with the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property, and allows businesses to verify the existence of a domain name.

EuroDNS benefiting their customers

Daniel Eisenhut, Chief Sales Officer, EuroDNS said, “EuroDNS returns with a new domain name extension. We wanted to offer this extension as soon as possible to enable our customers the benefits offered by a .PT extension, such as registering very short domain names, abbreviations or acronyms of three to five letters only. They will also be able to check the availability of a domain name or a mark with a free search via a tool developed in partnership with the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property.”

Daniel continued, “I would like to remind our customers that EuroDNS does not only register domain names; we also offer a wide range of solutions and services to assist our customers with their domain needs. The list, constantly evolving to reflect the latest needs of our customers, includes local presence services, Whois Privacy, and ProDNS which delivers safe and secure DNS services with no risk of data loss. For more information, customers can visit our website www.eurodns.com or speak to one of our sales representatives at sales@eurodns.com.”

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