The French can .TEL it like it should be

Telnic, founded in 2000, is the UK based Registry Operator for the .TEL domain. The domain was originally launched in 2009; by January 2011 it boasted over 300,000 domain names registered.

The .TEL domain’s main feature is to provide a single means of contact for all your communication, including phone numbers, VoIP, email addresses, website links and IM details. It gives your customers the ability to contact you with a single click, from any device connected to the Internet.

Whether it’s home, office or mobile number, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., the domain will even map your location. It is an international domain for communicating with everyone. Creating a cost effective base online is simple and provides you with an immediate web presence; with you will be recognized immediately, contact will be made and negotiations opened.

With a Gallic slant 

Telnic’s latest announcement introduces French IDN to .TEL domain names; news that will be welcomed by companies and brands with accents in their titles. This new feature will be available from October 3, 2012, très bon!

Of slight concern is the lack of Sunrise Period for trademark owners to protect their brand names; registration will start on Wednesday, October 3 and they will be offered on a first come, first served basis. It would be advisable to register as soon as possible to protect brands and to avoid exposure to cybersquatting.

Accentuate your name

The .TEL domain is a user friendly and affordable option for everyone; it provides an immediate online presence without ridiculous advertising costs. Anyone anywhere can access your details and contact you from any device with an Internet connection. Connect to the whole world and .TEL your story.



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